Boat Painting

Let's start this restoration project. A lot of fiberglass work needed to
get this vessel  back into shape.            

New core material needed to be replaced mid ship.

                                A lot of dock damage needing to be repaired.

New core material is needed.

Fiberglass for strength. 

More fiberglass work needed on the gunnel.

Both engine port's needed to be rebuilt and shaped.

Time to start the priming process.

First coat of high build primer. Sanded and ready for the second round of primer.

Let's get ready to paint.

First some protection from the elements.

With our first coat on the boot stripe. We prepare for the top stripe as well.

Some new bottom paint before she hits the water.

Final coats on the striping.

Now her name.

Check the details.

Now she's ready to fish.

For your personalized quote send us a picture of your vessel. Along with length and a description of the services needed. Just go to our "CONTACT PAGE".    
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