About Us

Island Coast Restoration, Inc. was founded by Sean Flaherty in 2001. After arriving in Florida in 1999 Sean started to overhear and then started to have a common conversation with Florida boat owners. The work ethic is horrible here! We have these sub contractors who take a deposit and promise to do some repair work on our vessel but never show up to complete the work. Or they start but never finish. We're trapped having to pay outrageous prices because we own a boat. While smiling bitterly and uttering this common phrase. "Bring Out Another Thousand" BOAT! If only there were a company that would do the work right first of all, and secondly in a timely fashion. So after being told over and over that his idea of a mobile, "FULL RESTORATION SERVICE", would not work. That's exactly what Sean did. Fiberglass repair, gel coat, Imron, Awl grip painting, color matching, full detailing, bottom painting, teak refinishing and custom fiberglass work all in one. All work can be completed at your home or we can coordinate with your local marina or boat yard. Remember "ENJOY PARADISE WHILE WE DO THE WORK!!"

Sean started Island Coast Restoration, Inc. in 2001. Since then he has been providing excellent service and offering outstanding value to neighbors throughout  Florida. His services will reach these areas but are not limited to Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Naples, Marco Island, Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte.

Sean will also travel anywhere in the greater United States. 

Questions? Call Sean at (239) 823-0069

We are independently owned and operated!

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